The Stoked Life Digital Program

The Stoked Life:

def. A Life that is lived with enthusiasm and courage.

This is a 5 part pre-recorded course on how to approach life the way traditional Shamanic peoples would.

This is a 5 part class delivered via mp3 recordings for you to download and listen to at your convenience.  I will introduce you to the shamanic way of viewing the world.  There are several tools and technologies that I will also introduce you to.  We will practice them together.   I have found these particular tools to be wacky and wonderful….they often give me the shift I need to create the life my heart desire’s.  Your experience will be perfect for you.

Each 90 minute class is packed with instructions, opportunities to practice these new tools and apply the insights you get.  Plus you will not be alone.  You will share the journey with 5 other participants whose experiences are captured and shared here (with their permission).

  • Are you exhausted from trying to figure out “how” to fix your life and longing for divine guidance?
  • Have you tried sitting meditation and found it challenging as all get out ….but you yearn for inner peace?
  • Do you hear people talking about how they tap into inner guidance and wish you could too?
  • Do you hear about shamanic weekend workshops but are unable because of work or other circumstances to *get there*?
  • Do you sense there’s magic in the world? Have you experienced it a few times in your life and would you like to experience it more often?
  • Do you long for beauty…the kind that only wild nature can provide?
  • Have you been frustrated figuring out who your Core Beastie/Spirit Guides are and long to meet them?
  • Are you experiencing a huge shift in your life and needing to find your way again?

You will have an opportunity to:

  1. Travel to spiritual realities via shamanic journeying.
  2. Learn the practice of divination…or seeking out helpful information that is hidden to aid you with decisions and to help you align with your highest and most ridiculously awesome self.
  3. Receive messages from wild animals and Nature through the practice of Shinrin yoku (forest bathing).
  4. Learn how to frame a question to get the most information from divine sources.
  5. Apply the wisdom received to your life in a grounded fashion.
  6. See with your heart the highest and best path for yourself.

I have recently moved from being a practicing physician to working as a coach, healer, and writer full time. My first book What the Walrus Knows went to #1 on Amazon in it's category the day that it launched officially and I published a second book a year later! Many people have said to me:

"It all seemed to just fall into place so quickly and easily for you?"

.... and it really did. But, the key is is that it was not me acting alone.

When you become connected up to the unlimited source of Nature and begin to work with it and come into right relationship with it - it is as if things do seem to happen quite magically. I share many concepts with you and give you practical tools with which you can begin to apply to your own life.

To live The STOKED Life, I believe its extremely helpful... rekindle your relationship to yourself and to the world.

You do this by learning the principles of how the Shaman views the world, practicing Shamanic Journeying, learning how to tap into hidden knowledge to discover the answers to seek, discovering the power of dream sharing and dream scouting.

P.S. I like to have a really fun time doing whatever I do so I guarantee you will find this course to be a lot of fun as well as a life-changing adventure should you chose to JUMP ON BOARD!

Would you prefer to dip your toes in the water first with a shorter 90 minute class?  If so, I invite you to check out SOURCED .

To take your life to an EPIC level, you must look at things on the MYTHIC level.

The Stoked Life Digital Course


A 5 part pre-recorded audio course on how to approach life the way traditional Shamanic peoples would.
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What students have said...

It felt like a very safe environment

…a comfortable and sacred place to share.

It was wonderful

…the live calls, and the different mediums to share have been wonderful. It’s like I am seeing for the first time or in a new way. I have been distracted…

It feels as though I have opened the door

…into another huge piece of information that is amazingly spot-on with things are going on in my life- how they meet and helping me make better decisions in my life.

Namaste and enjoy the class!
Let your life become STOKED:)